About Us

MangoLime Publishing is a boutique press featuring children’s books.

The Vision

Entertain- We want to bring colour and flavour to our books infused with the spirit of joy so that reading them is not just a fleeting moment, but a wonderful, lasting experience whether it is read alone or with someone else.

Educate - Provide learning opportunities in an accessible, enjoyable and freeing the way for all.

Empower- With the help of our books, our readers should feel equipped with the knowledge and confidence that they can make their dreams come true- whatever shape they take.

Expand- We want to share new and unheard stories that highlight joyful expression from across the diaspora and increase the representation of multidimensional brown and black characters.


Author holding two of her books

Marva Carty is the CEO of MangoLime Publishing and an Author. 

Her first released children's book is  "Mari Loves Mangoes”.

Mari Loves Mangoes is a fun, vibrant picture book that captures the colours of the Caribbean and introduces us to little Mari, who is obsessed with mangoes!

Marva was born in England but spent her childhood on the Caribbean island of Trinidad. She then studied in the United States and has since returned to England to settle for the last 20 years. 

As a child, Marva was a voracious reader as a child; from mystery stories, joke books, encyclopedias and even reading her father's newspaper on the way to school.

Marva's dream to become a published author was born out of the lack of representation she saw in the books she read and she wanted to do her part to increase the representation of positive images for our young ones.