Our first library opening!

Our first library opening!

On 16th and 17th November, the Langley Heritage Primary School celebrated the opening of its new library for students with a visit from local children's author, Marva Carty. Marva Carty, the author of "Mari Loves Mangoes" and the new release "Mari Loves Reading" spent the days with students from Nursery to Year 3 introducing her colourful picture books in a series of readings and interactive workshops.

Deputy Headteacher Maria Lopez said, "We have been working hard to get our new library ready for the children and we thought this would be a wonderful way to launch it by bringing someone local to share their stories with them." Author Marva Carty observed, "Mari Loves Reading" follows the adventures of two children trying to raise money for their school library and sharing the love of reading, so this was a perfect collaboration. It is even more exciting working with schools in my local area." 

The Langley Heritage Primary is situated in Langley, Berkshire for children aged from 3-11. It is part of the Arbib Education Trust which is made up of three schools including a secondary school and another primary school. The Langley Heritage Primary school teaching is underpinned with a ‘Curiosity, Exploration, Discovery’ Museum Learning Model – promoting purposeful and experiential learning: - widening minds to question the world around us - helping to gain a deeper understanding - using all senses to consolidate learning.

If you are interested in having us visit your school or organisation, please email info@mangolimepublishing.com with the subject heading "Author Visit".


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